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New auctions are added daily, so be sure to visit our site frequently. If you are in the Louisville area, you are welcome to stop by the warehouse to preview items before bidding. 

Here are some terms you might come across as you shop our online auctions:

Time Remaining – This indicates the time left before the first item on an auction begins to close. Pay close attention to this time so you don’t miss your chance to win bids! 

Ends Soon – This icon is placed on short-term auctions. These auctions end sooner than regular auctions and typically end in a few days – sometimes they are only 24-hour sales! When you see this icon, you should act soon to win the desired item. 

Credit Card Only – This icon indicates that the auction you are bidding on only allows credit card as payment. For these items, your credit card is charged automatically when you win the item. 

Shipping Available – When you see this icon, it means that shipping is available for items when they are won. Every auction is unique, and fees and shipping terms can vary from auction to auction or from seller to seller, so it is important that you review the terms to see how shipping will work for that particular sale. 

Our Assistance Required – This icon indicates that the majority, if not all, of the items in an auction require forklift assistance for removal. If you intend to pick up such items, you need to make arrangements for assistance. You may call us at 502-219-6679 if you wish to make any other special arrangements for pick up. 

Bring Tools/Assistance – While all our auctions operate under the assumption that the buyer is responsible for the removal of their items, there are auctions where it’s imperative that buyers bring their own tools or assistance. Often, auctions sold on our site have equipment that is fully installed and will need time and resources to correctly remove. This icon indicates that a particular auction might require extra tools and resources that a buyer is responsible for. Buyers are advised to take advantage of inspection times to fully determine what they will need to remove won items. 

Independent Seller – Independent sellers are sellers who are not affiliated with Green Delta Auction, but are offering their own inventory or equipment for sale on our website. They advertise their own items and take responsibility for their descriptions, inspection dates and times, and removal dates and times. Green Delta Auction Louisville  may have limited knowledge on these auctions. 

Self-Serve – The self-serve icon indicates that the items in an auction are items that a buyer can pick up at a warehouse. Buyers often will arrive at the warehouse, check in, grab a cart and locate their own items to pick and remove. This icon gives buyers notice that when they show up, they will be expected to locate and remove their own items.





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